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Benchmark Labs is a Climate Leader since November 2021.

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Benchmark Labs is backing the Hernando County Landfill Electric Generation project

Emissions Capture

This project captures the methane produced from decomposing materials and prevents them from being released into the atmosphere.

The project voluntarily collects landfill gas from the Hernando County Northwest Landfill. The landfill gas is use to operate a CAT 3520 electric generator which produces 1,600 kw.

About this page

At Aclymate, we care that companies who say they want to make an impact on the climate, do it. That’s why we built the best climate action platform for small businesses. We make it simple to precisely measure a business’ carbon footprint, and then provide the largest collection of verified, high-quality offset projects to shop from. This page is kept up to date with whether Benchmark Labs is still carbon neutral, and will not show the Climate Leader badge if their carbon footprint exceeds their offsets.

What is a Climate Leader?

Our Climate Leader certification is designed specifically for small businesses who’ve taken steps to fix their footprint. We have verified that these businesses have fully reduced or offset their footprint to date.

Own a small business?

Aclymate’s platform gives you all the tools that you need to calculate, understand, offset and become proud of your company’s carbon footprint.

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