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IMPACTfolio is a Climate Leader since January 2021.

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IMPACTfolio is backing the Kootznoowoo Improved Forest Management project


The Bluesource - Kootznoowoo Project protects 20,159 acres of forest across 4 project areas on the Dolomi and Dora Bay tracts of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. Approximately 8,000 acres of the project property is old-growth forest. Historically, this area was a significant timber source for the Japanese market after the US banned round log export sales for federal lands. The project is owned by the native Kootznoowoo people and managed in common with the U.S. Forest Service. Management decisions of the forest focus on sustainable, natural forest growth and maintenance harvests for essential activities and forest health. This project ensures the long-term sustainable management of the area, which could otherwise undergo significant commercial timber harvesting.The project location includes several different ecosystems, from beach to high elevation. The land hosts many different types of berries—prized in the region—and animal habitats such as Sitka black-tailed deer, black bear, mountain goat, moose, beaver, weasel, land otter, and red fox. The area also includes around 12 fish bearing streams that boast sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon , and steelhead trout.

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